Unforgivable Curses

from by Deluge



and this poison
starts in my heart
till crystal tears start pourin' from my skull
so delicate they break when they fall
and it makes me wonder why I loved at all

just, one touch one sound
just, one "I'm sorry" could bring it all down

and "don't go" is what I wish was said
I'd turn back all these pages
and have you lying in my bed
and "don't go" is what I wish was said
but I burned all those bridges
and I ran away instead

and "I'm sorry" is how it starts
but if you're so sorry, then why did you break my heart
cause I never wanted any of this
but you sealed my fate
when I met you for that kiss

and I wish I never picked up that phone
to hear your voice on the other end of the line saying "can I come over?"
then I'd burn with a righteous fury
and I'd say "who the hell do you think you are to do that to me?"

reap what you sow
reap what you sow

just one touch, one sound
just one "I'm sorry" could bring it all down


from The Quiet Things, released March 8, 2013



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Deluge Calgary, Alberta

Deluge is a four piece indie rock band from beautiful Calgary, AB.

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